5 Wardrobe Essentials with Stylori.com

Hey girls ,

This has been one of those that I have been asked to do for quite sometime now and I always kept delaying because I didn’t know where to start .

I am gonna tell you just 5 basic things you need in your wardrobe to look chic all day and everyday .Let me tell you these are pretty budget friendly and reusable :P

Those 5 Wardrobe essentials are :

1.The Classic Black Handbag :


Thought I got this image from google , but this simple bag would save you in lot of situations where you are confused about what to choose.

Invest on a good bag , try maintaining it and that’s all you need.

P.S : This bag is from Gucci though and I have been crushing on them for sometime now .. Just saying if you are planning to gift me something this Christmas ;)

2.Basic White Shirt :

How can anyone miss this ;) This is a savior for those lazy days when you have nothing to wear . A plain cotton shirt is the most versatile piece of garment in comparison to everything else that exist :P

You can pair them with skirts or with jeans , you can wear them like a overcoat over your tank-top or you could use as a formal wear too :D


Got this image from Aleixpress.com  , you can check it out if you like.

3. The Right Accessories :

In India , we wear both Indian and western clothes and its very important to know what jewelry to wear with what . Hence , its its equally important to have few pieces for each attire .

We have this really cute website called as Stylori.com which has a stock of varieties to suit your needs. Also , remember to invest in a good metal while buying and Stylori.com sells precious metals as well as diamonds . Buy just few pieces and style it with different clothing :D


4.Few Good Shoes :

Its essential you have at least 3 pairs of shoes , depending on your climatic condition and your lifestyle. I love shoes and I personally have more than 20 pairs of them but you need not have all of them if you don’t need them.

Also , its very important to wear right shoes with the right clothes .Try going to pin interest or follow beauty bloggers to get some inspiration .You would notice that all of them have at least one pair in Black , tan and red ; that’s how easy it is to buy shoes :D

P.S: If you need to decide what shoes to buy or want a idea on it then don’t forget to follow me in Instagram or just DM me if you every need a help picking one.

Sebastian Errazuriz the boss high heel

This image I have saved a long time back so I do’t really remember the source :) I loved it and it brightens my day when I am sad :P

5.Right Makeup :

Investing on good set of makeup is something you would be grateful for . I am definitely not asking you to doll up everyday but if you like makeup then again that’s completely up to you.

But the very basic thing you should have would be :

  • Liner (Black)
  • Kohl (Black)
  • Mascara (Black)
  • Red Lipstick
  • Sunscreen

I have done reviews for few of them :) here they are , hope it helps :

Plum Cosmetics : NaturStudio Black Brilliance and Angel Eye Black Kohl

Mac Cosmetics : Ruby Woo Review

Maybelline New York : Rebel Bouquet Lipstick REB01 , Colossal Liner (Black), Hyper Curl Volume Mascara

Lotus Herbal: Sunscreen SPF 40 and 50

What is your personal style tip , write to me or ping me or comment below :D

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MAC Ruby Woo

Review ,Swatches and FOTD : MAC Ruby Woo

Hey lovely ladies ,

I have this new found fascination for lipsticks these days . This had been on my wish list for a very long time but I didn’t want to invest on them till I absolutely learnt the art of using lipsticks .

I got it on a Monday , you get it don’t you ? My whole day was made .*NO MONDAY BLUES*

This has been a best seller for quite a long time now , I am pretty late reviewing this one but here it goes .

I got MAC Ruby Woo Shade and I thought why not review it :P I have done swatches , FOTD and lot of photos were taken for this review :P (Not Complaining ) !!!!


Like the name suggest , the color has a deep pink undertone just like a natural ruby would look like.I love that it suits my skin tone ( I have strong yellow undertone) , initially I would suggest you girls to try it out in a showroom and then purchase it  as I felt it suits warm skin-tone far better than cooler ones.

The ingredients used has an amazing wax that just slides down your lips and give you the MATTE look . Personally , retro shades have always looked good on me so I am not a gloss kinda person any day .

Going back to the review , a huge love for the packaging . The MAC Lip shades always have a standard packaging , the shiny black body which is extremely compact and the lid is really tight. So , it is pretty easy to carry in your purse or your bag.

MAC Ruby Woo


1.The pigmentation is AMAZING.

2.The staying power is equally good , with lip liner it stays for like 12 plus hours and without lipliner it stays for 10 hours.

3.I love the stain it leaves when it fades .

4.Like all MAC Lipsticks , this one too has a mild vanilla fragnance (love that!!! )

5.The color is amazing on Medium/Olive skin tone , for fairer skin tone I would recommend MAC Dangerous instead.

MAC Ruby Woo


1.If you have a dry lips , this is not for you . Most people I met find this lipstick really drying though I don’t face that problem.

2.Doesn’t work for extremely cool skintone, would recommend you to try it out before buying .

3.We don’t get it cheap in India . It sells at $17 in US (correct me if I am wrong about the price) but in india its almost INR 1450/-

Ingredients used :

FOTD and Swatch :

Price : INR 1450/-

Rating : 4.5/5

Will I recommend it ?

Yes , definitely one of the best lipsticks around . I waited too long for this one and now I feel that I should have tried this one out long time back .

MAC Ruby Woo

Do you own this one ??? Let me know which is your favorite lip shade in MATTE range so that I can try them too :P

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PLUM NaturStudio Kohl

Review , Swatch and FOTD : Plum NaturStudio Black Brilliance Kohl/Kajal

Hey everyone ,

You all must be thinking on how my craze for makeup is never ending , seriously save me !!!!!! This time its my favorite category , vegan beauty products . Though I am not a vegan but just a vegitarian , I love vegan products for the fact that they are cruelty free.

PLUM NaturStudio Kohl

Plum kohl has become my daily wear since a very long time , I use the Angel Eye Kohl by them , I have reviewed them as well.

This product basically  claims that is it smudge-free and last really long . Initially when Angel Eyes Kohl was launched by them , my only complain was that it smudges and I am super glad that they look the feedback pretty seriously.

The exact shade that they call this one is “Black Brilliance” and I could’t have asked for a better name. I love the black and yes I tried smudging them too ( I have trust issue folks!!! ) , the product does server what it claims.

Before and after smudge is here :

I cant even find a difference to be really honest :)

If you are reading my blog regularly then you would know my obsession for eye makeup and lipsticks , I end up trying even really silly products but this one I don’t regret trying.

Before I forget , I have to tell you that this one comes with an extremely cute sharpener ( I already have this one :P ) and I love the color as well as the quality .

PLUM NaturStudio Kohl


1 .The product is not misleading , it serves what it claims

2 .Intense black with a satin finish and not a mat finish , not complaining and instead a huge thumbs up from my side.

3 . Doesn’t smudge even when you rub it

4 .Does stay for approximately 14 hours for at-least me.

5 . Pigmentation is as good as luxury products

6 . Its Vegan , that would be a motivation for me to buy.

7.The tip is pretty soft so your eyes won’t water.

PLUM NaturStudio Kohl


1.I want more colors in this range which there is not.

2.Might be little over you budget , maybe by 100 bucks compared to other drugstore products.

FOTD : I have used it bare face with only the kohl as well as with Mac Ruby-Woo. Few photos I have used filters for a retro feel but its pretty obvious :)


PLUM NaturStudio Kohl


Price : Kohl/Kjala for INR 425/-

Sharpener for INR 125/-

Rating : 4.5/5

Will I recommend it ?

Is there a reason not to recommend it ? I loved this product and might re-buy this one.I am definetly recommending this one to my family and friends.

Anyone used this one ? Let me know in the comments below :)

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PLUM NaturStudio Kohl


Note :

This is a sponsored post . However , the views and opinions expressed here are my own . The reviews are done honestly and has no influence from the sponsors.

Maybelline White Super Fresh- Coral

Review and FOTD : Maybelline New York’s White Super Fresh Compact (Coral)

Hey beauties ,

Since Diwali is just a week away , a lot of us Indians must be really busy shopping for clothes and makeup . I did lot of makeup shopping last week and so I have lot of reviews to be done this week.

Maybelline White Super Fresh- Coral

This compact powder that I am talking about is creating lot of buzz because its one of the most cheapest compacts you could find in the market.I got this shade called as “Coral” which is nearest to my skin tone though I feel I should have tried one lighter shade too .

Maybelline White Super Fresh- Coral

They overall have three shades as of now :

1.Pearl for Light to Medium Skin Tone

2.Shell for Medium Skin Tone

3.Coral for Medium to Dark Skin Tone

Maybelline White Super Fresh- Coral

Since I come somewhere in between second and third category , I have picked up Coral to be on the safer side .

The powder is not flaky and its not too creamy , the texture is fine . Fortunately , I didn’t get white patches like most compact does for me and it does stay for long as long as I used. I could’t find out if it absorbs sweat and oil because I stay in a completely air-conditioned office , so I really don’t sweat .

Also , the white package is super classy . That is one of the thing that caught my eyes <3

Maybelline White Super Fresh- CoralMaybelline White Super Fresh- Coral

I also like the sponge but you can’t use it on both the sides , the mirror provided is pretty enough during travel.

For someone who is learning to use compact or is on budget , this is a good buy . Personally , love the smell it has , extremely floral.


1.The smell is amazing , probably one of the best compact fragrance I have used

2.Its light on skin and doesn’t look flaky .

3.No white patches

4.Extremely affordable

5.Good for people with oily-skin than dry-skin


1.It doesn’t have really good coverage .

2.It can get drying for people who don’t have extremely oily skin.I have combination skin , this one would be good for my T-zone and not the whole face.

3.Few things are misleading in the product description but other than that its fine.

Maybelline White Super Fresh- Coral

Price : INR 150/-

Rating : 3.5/5


Maybelline White Super fresh

Will I recommend it ?

Yes , only because its from Maybelline New York and that too in such a low price . It can be one of the compacts that would be good for daily use but not if you are looking for heavy coverage.

Did anyone of you use this one ? Did you like it ? Let me know in the comments below .

Maybelline White Super Fresh- Coral

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Note :This is a sponsored post . However , the views and opinions expressed here are my own . The reviews are done honestly and has no influence from the sponsors.