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Fashion Update : Launches its first TV Ad

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So you would have know by now that I have been associated with for quite some time .You would have seen my collaboration with them , if you have not then its “here” . They have been doing really amazing stuff and recently they are launching their first television advertisement .How exciting is that ? <3

Anu Mohan and

Apart from amazing clothing and footwear ranges they provide , they also sell home decor :) Since festive seasons are coming now , you can browse around to find amazing gifts for yourself and your friends .

Home decorating items:- Best gifts for your loved ones in festive season

The most popular Indian festival, Deepawali is around the corner. Have you made your plans yet? At this time of the year, everyone sets some plans or goals. Some people make plans to buy exquisite things for personal use, some decide to go on vacations whereas few people remain busy implementing their home décor ideas this time. Exchanging gifts in friends and relatives is considered an important part of this festival. The blog enlists some gorgeous home accents, decorative items which can give away as presents this Diwali and make them feel special.

Picture frames:- Adding unique photo frame is one of the quickest and greatest way to make one’s house come alive. You can give stylish frames made-up of wood, plastic, terracotta and glass material to your loved ones. Vases also make a great gift as they are great accessory to revamp any household.

Kitchen accessories:-  You can find arrays of kitchen accessories in markets these days. Crystal bowls, pitchers, trays and serving bowls are available at fair prices on sale on various Internet shopping websites.

Wind Chimes:- They are considered an indicator of good fortune. The soothing and musical sound of wind chimes appeal to the hearts of people of all age groups. Decorative plant buckets is also a great home décor item that makes a unique choice of gift for your loved ones.

You can find more ideas on festive home décor item online. All these home décor products can be bought at fair prices from online marketplaces.


You should see the Ad , its so radical :D

Here it is :

Have you shopped in ? Let me know how the experience was :D

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REB01 and REB02 Maybelline New York

Reviewing Maybelline New York ‘s Rebel Bouquet Lip colors (REB01 and REB02)

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As you all know I absolutely love trying new products <3 This new collection is by Maybelline New York India and the collection is an absolute REBEL rightly named as “Rebel Bouquet” !!!!! Both the colours per se are dark and highly pigmented. Fortunately, both the shades I got suit me well and I do use them a lot <3

So I will be review two shades of Maybelline New York India’s Rebel Bouquet Collection :

  • REB01
  • REB02

REB01 and REB02 Maybelline New York


This is a dark maroon red and the colour is extremely pigmented. I love that just one or two swipes are more than enough to get the colour. Since this shade is extremely versatile, I use it for my daily wear. But it does have small glitters which I have no clue why it was added.


For a skin like me which has a yellow undertone, this is one of those rare reds that have suited me. I am practically addicted to this one these days.

REB01 Maybelline New York


  1. The pigmentation is amazing, it stays for a long time even after eating and when it fades a bit, it stays as a lip stain.
  2. It will suit Indian complexion as it has a deep maroon shade that brightens the complexion.
  3. The staying power is decent enough
  4. Thankfully it is not too scented.
  5. Just one or two swipe is more than enough to get it on.
  6. It is moisturizing and glossy, personally I love that.

REB01 Maybelline New York


  1. I am not a glitter person when it comes especially to lipstick.
  2. It can be drying for lips that have not been maintained much.

Maybelline REB01

Rating: 4/5

Cost: INR 450 for 3.9 gm


This is one of the brightest pink colour that I have seen in a while. I associate pink with freshness and the more the pink the better it is. This is an extremely floral pink but it does not hit on your eyes.


It does look good on people who have warm skin tone but it suits people with cooler skin tone more. I and my friend both have used the same shade; it suits her better than me any day.

REB02 Maybelline New York


  1. It looks fresh, especially for office or for a brunch.
  2. The texture is smooth and creamy.
  3. The pigmentation is good, one or two swipes are more than enough.
  4. It doesn’t have any obvious scent (I am thankful for that)

REB02 Maybelline New York


  1. It can be little drying for people who naturally have dry lips.
  2. People with coloured/tanned lips would need to use a lip liner before applying it.
  3. It doesn’t last as long as even REB01, when it fades, it doesn’t even leave a lip stain.

I am wearing REB02 in here 

Rating: 3.5/5

Cost: INR 450 for 3.9 gm

Here are the swatches :

In Natural Sun Light

In Natural Sun Light

In Tubelight

In Tube light

Will I recommend REB01 and REB02?

I think REB01 is a good bargain for the price you pay, REB02 can be bought only for the colour it has .REB01 is my favorite lipstick that I use daily but REB02 is something that I use occasionally. Personally I find REB02 as too much maintenance.

Have you got any lipsticks for the Rebel Bouquet Collection or is there any particular shade that you want to buy , let me know in the comments below :)

Don’t for get to stay connected though :D



Note :This is a sponsored post . However , the views and opinions expressed here are my own . The reviews are done honestly and has no influence from the sponsors.