5 ‘W’ Valentine’s Day Gifts to Gift your Lady from

Hello Men ,

I just advised the ladies on what they should gift you guys on Valentine’s Day , so you really think I wouldn’t tell you guys what to gift her on that day ? Lets be honest , guys are really not good in planning ahead but this year I am going to change it for you. is there for you with a wide range of women wear from ‘W‘. This brand is beautiful because everything it has is Indianized.

Here are my top pick to gift the girl you like :) Also do note that I am posting the sale price and not the original price :)Here you go , my top 5 W clothing that you could give as a Valentine’s Day gift to you girl <3 :

1.For the “Black” Fanatic :

So she loves black , from her hair to her toes shoe would love covering herself in black. If she could then she would paint the house black . Be a darling and gift her what she likes will you <3

My pick is this one , simple and very elegant :D

Priced at INR 1199/- this one is a good steal. buy it here 


2.For a girl who loves details :

She keeps it simple but she loves details . If she doesn’t fuss about anything and enjoys the smallest things in life then this one is for her <3 The details on the collar is what catches your eyes , and its perfect for office as well :)

Priced at INR 974/- its a steal .

You can get it here


3. For the Desi Girl :

She loves jhumkas , she loves colors and she loves everything that defines India .She would always be bright and happy.She deserves something colorful doesn’t she .

I love the color and would look amazing if you pair it with the right set of things :)

Priced at INR 1019/- its amazing.

You can buy it here 


4.For the Hippy in her :

She is wild and by far the most unconventional girl you have met in your life . She likes everything bold , edgy and trendy . She would pair up things like no one would ;)

You know how to impress her ?

Pick this ;)

Priced at INR 1499/- its comfort with fashion written all over it .

Buy it here .


5. For the simplicity queen:

Her needs are simple and she doesn’t like it loud. She loves calmness and perfection. She never overdoes anything but that is exactly what you fell for.

If she is something like that , she would love this piece :) Personally I love sober colors and patterns like this.

Priced at INR 1624/- its worth every penny :)

You can buy it here 




Whats your plan ;) what are you gonna gift her ? Need help ? Feel free to reach out out me :)



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This is a sponsored post . However , the views and opinions expressed here are my own . The reviews are done honestly and has no influence from the sponsors.


5 Casio Valentine’s Day Gifts to Gift your Man from

Hola Ladies ,

Valentine’s day is just few weeks away , we women love perfection , don’t we? We would search hours and hours to find the perfect gift for the man we love <3 I have this sorted for you to save the time ;)

I was going through the collection that had and was just figuring out what to buy . Then I though, would it be helpful for you girls as well if I could help you girls lay your hands on some amazing watches with some amazing discounts ;) ?

I have picked 5 very unique pieces depending on what type of a person your man is ;)

The prices I have put up are the prices during the ongoing sale :) don’t forget to grab them before they are gone.

1.For your Sporty Guy :

Gift him something edgy and something that would give him an adrenaline rush. This one is what caught my eyes ;) The color is just fab and the pattern is really hot <3 He is definitely going to love this one

Priced at INR 9020/-

You can buy yours here


2.For the Workaholic with a class :

So he loves his office more than you ? its ok :D Let him work with style. This one that I saw is my favorite <3 The design is simple and it is class apart :) This is for him if he loves simplicity but doesn’t forget to leave a mark <3

Priced at INR 2786/-

You can buy it here



3.For the Party Animal :

He is young , he is wild … nothing wrong with that . What would be wrong would be gifting him something boring . This one is black and shiny hahah what could go wrong with black <3 :P  This is for him if he loves black colors and if he loves flaunting them in the night :D

Priced at INR 6796/-

You can buy it here


4. For the Bling Lover :

He is a proper India , loves everything that shines. No .. he is not tacky but wears it as perfectly as anyone could. He is pure desi and love a watch that goes with his Indian Ethnic wear  ;) He might speak less but what he wears speaks more for him. If he is one who has it all then this is for him.

Priced at INR 5996/-

You can buy it here


5. For the Casual Freak :

He doesn’t fret much , loves anything thats comforty and doesn’t mind you in PJs all the time ? He is a keeper and he deserves something as comfortable and stylish as him . This would be my closest pick to what he would love.

Priced at INR 3866/-

You can get it here


And if you are ready to explore more for him , you should see the whole Casio Collection here .

What are you planning for him this time ? Let me know in the comments below (Dont worry , I wouldn’t spoil your surprise ;) )

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Getting Pampered by

Hola ladies ,

How have you all been ?  I have few stuff sorted out which I am glad fell in place ;)

I am back to blogging with full swing :D YAY!!!!! Today we are gonna see how website is.  This website provides lifestyle and beauty products for both men and women in amazing discounts <3

Last time I shopped from them , my experience was not that good honestly . After placing order I found out that the product has gone out of stock :( So I had to reorder from another website.

They did makeup to me this time.I got this  two weeks back and since I was sorting my personal issues and was busy falling sick this one was in my draft for a long time :(

I basically got three amazing stuff <3

1.DOY -Three Variant of Soaps

2. L’Oreal White Perfect  All-Round  Whitening Day Cream

3.Fran Wilson Mood Matcher

DOY -Three Variant of Soaps


I tried using them , the smell is AAAMMAAAZINNNGGGG <3 Its  a gel-based soap so wouldn’t be something I would recommend a dry-skin friend.

Its a value for money if you are out buying a good soap and you are bored with PEARS then why not  ?

I find the colors adorable <3

Would I be restocking them when they get over ?

Definitely <3 you should if you are looking for something good :D

Cost : INR 58 /- Per Soap

Rating :3.5/5

If you are in India , you could buy it here :

Doy Care –

L’Oreal White Perfect  All-Round  Whitening Day Cream 

This had been on my list for a very long time but I didn’t get it because I didn’t figure out how effective it is . I did use this one for almost a week and I love the feel . I know we all expect results in a day or a week but it doesn’t work that way .

I am seeing visibly softer skin since a wee <3

Pros :

  1. Its very hydrating and the smell is not too strong
  2. The intensity is pretty good , its not too runny or too heavy on the skin. This is my priority when it comes to creams .
  3. I think it makes me skin even toned or is trying to , I can’t tell you exactly till I used it a bit longer .

Cons :

  1. Seems expensive for a day cream.
  2. Not a good option for people who have oily-skin.

Would I recommend it ?

Sure , if you are one of those who are ok spending few bucks extra for a good day cream then why not :) Do try it but I warn you , the result won’t come in just a day :D

Cost :INR 1110/-

Rating : 4/5

You can get it here :

L’Oreal Paris –

Fran Wilson Mood Matcher 

This is something I have never used before and its always awesome to try new product . I had no expectations attached to this but few things just surprise me ;)The body looked Yellow so I was partly disappointed initially as I thought its gonna be either yellow in color or colorless :(

But the moment I applied it , it turned PINK on my lips <3 How lovely ? <3


  1. Pretty smooth on my lips .
  2. I love the shade , its a very pretty pink <3
  3. Goes on with your mood , I am pretty girly , loved this shade of pink .
  4. Doesn’t have any smell as such , not much and I am glad it is this way.
  5. Its affordable


1.The reach and knowledge of the product is low.

2. The color fades after a meal  , biggest turn off for me

Would I recommend this ?

Yes , if you have a thing for lip products , you could add this one to your collection . Not the best but yeah you could add it :)

This is how it looked on me <3  FOTD

One I have used here is MM-Yel

Cost : INR 560/-

Rating : 4.5/5

You could get it here :

Fran Wilson –

Ital Veloce –

Have you guys shopped at ?? How was it , let me know in the comments below :)

And You know where to find me :D



How ASUS ZenPad 7.0 Z370CG made my day :)

Hi Earthlings ,

So how are my folks doing ? ;) all good ? Let me tell you how ASUS made my day and how you could absolutely make someone happy in your life <3

So , it was a busy and not so good day for me  ( reason for not being able to blog regularly :( ) . When I was cribbing about my day , I had this given to me <3 just few days before New Year <3 How amazing is that ? Cheered me up right away ;) What did I do ? I posted it immediately on my Instagram handle because I had to thank them :)

Now enough of boasting and lets go to the features part :

  • It has 7 Inches Screen with True2Life which is Ultra Realistic Images <3
  • Its one of the first Tabs to have interchangeable add-ons to enhance the sounds and the battery life .
  • It has HD Display (1280×800) in which 72% is the viewing area and cornering Gorilla Glass.
  • The one I love is the Dual Camera , the Front Camera is 2 MP and the  Rear Camera is 8 MP
  • Its available in Black , White and Aurora Metallic
  • It has dts-HD premium sound system,for virtual 5.1 surround through its world-rst interchangeable functional rear ASUS Audio Cover.
  • 3G Network Capability to stay in contact on the move with it’s SIM-CARD slot alongside expandable storage
  • The internal memory is 2GB and runs on 64-bit Quad Core Processor .
  • Has upto 8 hrs of battery life with 3450 mAh Li- Polymer Battery
  • Weighs around 272 grams
  • It has G-Sensor / E-compass / Hall sensor / Light Sensor/ Proximity sensor
  • 100GB Google Drive space for 2 years is given moment you become a part of the ASUS Family.
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP, Wi-Fi Direct
  • Supports Miracast
  • IPS with 178 degree wide view angle
  • Runs on Android 5.0 

Coming to the Camera part , it has few really interesting features , one of them would be Beautification Mode in which you could add blushes and other makeup while taking the photo itself ;) I did try one pic with it. I know the blush looks way too much :P but it was fun.



My Game Of Thrones T-Shirt ;)

Now it has something  called as Low Light , that caught my attention and it works like magic .

Here are few photos I have taken using most of the modes available , I have taken all of them except my selfie in the night just to see how it works in the dark :) Hover over the images to see the mode that I have used :)

Only issue I had that it doesn’t have FLASH :( but for the price it sells I don’t think we have much to complain :)

Now Apart from all these cool things , we have a Audio Cover in it which amplifies music ( specially if you are a party freak or love hanging out with your friends , this is awesome ) . This audio cover acts like a woofer and does a really good job delivering music across <3


Now , you would be suprised to know how much ASUS ZENPAD 7.0 Z370CG cost you ;)

Price : INR 11,999/-

This is exactly why it made my day , make someones day ;) gift it to people you love or gift it to yourself :) its a good economical buy no second thoughts on that :D

Found it on as well : here 

Have you used ASUS ZenPad or ZenPhones ? Let me know in the comments below :D

You know where to find me :D


MAC Ruby Woo

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This is a sponsored post . However , the views and opinions expressed here are my own . The reviews are done honestly and has no influence from the sponsors.