“A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words”



My Story:

It was sunday morning , Pinky got up early as she was excited to go out with her father to the circus fair which had just started.She rushed out if her bed and made her bed. Her room was extremely tidy as she wanted everything to be perfect .She goes and hugs her father ,well she does that everyday but today was special.It was not just a visit to circus but it was her birthday too,she was finally turning 6 years old!!!!

She was dressed up, white color cute T-shirt with a blue Hello Kitty jeans.Pinky and her father left the house, they were planning to go to the grocery store and then go to the circus. They reached the circus early afternoon , Pinky had the most magical experience of her life.She could see funny jokers , Elephants and Tigers dancing around, people walking on a rope so thin that it looked almost like they were walking on air.She jumped and laughed !!!

Little did Pinky knew what the future held for her.

Her father told her that he was hungry and he would get her ice -creams.He told her to sit at one place and asked her not to go anywhere till he came back.Pinky was a good girl, she waited for her father and also for her ice -cream, it was almost evening and her father didn’t come back. She waited till the sky was dark , till the moon came up but there was no sign of her father.

This girl now began to worry , was her father ok ??? did he loose his way back???? .She asked people around and kept her finger crossed.

She waited and waited , till this date . He never returned and no one ever knew what happened to him. The little girl lived and died on the very spot her father left her.

She haunts that place, still waiting for her father to return and to take her back home.She will always be remembered for her love to her father.!!

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