How Do You Make Your Hair Look Simply “WOOOOW”….?


Well most people compliment me for my hair and ask me how i keep them so perfect the entire day of my college.I have always been obsessed with perfect ,thick and gorgeous hair. I  simply love curls  ,well i do have a natural wavy hair!!!

Most of us have this problem of hair fall and also that we don’t really get the lush gorgeous thick hair we see on commercials.I have few tips to get that “celeb” looking hair in just an hour.

Here you go :

  1. Use coconut oil / almond oil and massage your head with it atleast for 15 min and leave it for half an hour .Try this atleast two times a week .
  2. When you shower do not use shampoo directly . Dilute it in a bowl of water and then use it ,as shampoo and such products are chemical they tend to make hair dry and frizzy.
  3. Never forget ur conditioner and don’t use the conditioner on your scalp.
  4. After your done washing it , avoid using hair dryers as they tend to make hair frizzy.
  5. Always remember to use a hair serum as it keeps the hair soft and untangled.
  6. Avoid hair spray as much as possible, a healthy hair needs to be as natural as possible.

Eat as much as vegetables and fruits as possible.To look beautiful outside taking care of your body from inside is the most important thing to remember !!!!!

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