Feathers Feathers All The Way!!!!

I thought the obsession that people (even me ) have with feather jewelry would eventually go of, but apparently no it doesnt!!! I still love wearing feather earrings and necklace . 🙂

Generally the one thing people feel confused is on how to carry of that look  without looking overdressed .I thought I could share some tips about it !!

If you want to wear a long feather earring and not look weird in it then, the most easiest way is to go light on your makeup ,dress and avoid any other heavy jewelry !!! Don’t ever overdose yourself with everything you have !! 🙂



If you don’t have one of these, get them !!!! They come really handy when you are going out in a hurry and you don’t have time to get ready perfectly…… 😀

Suites with anything in “Black” ! I would generally prefer them with a casual tee-shirt and jeans but you can also pair them with your dress. 🙂

If your wondering on what type of neck the dress should have so that these jewelries catch the attention they deserve ?

It would be:

  1. Strapless Dress / Tee-Shirts
  2. Closed Round Neck Dress /Tee -Shirt


  • DRESS:

This is my favourite of all….!!! I am surely going to get one of them soon, they look so cute … 😀

Well you may think that only women with “Professional Model Looks ” would look good in them , think again .They are so in vogue these days ,don’t miss out on them  . 🙂 specially if you have your prom night coming up ..!!!!

Would suit you best if you wear them confidently and pair them with right kind of jewelry .Have a set of tiny crystal necklace and earring which would look absolutely stunning on them . .. !!!


  • SHOES:

How can i miss these shoes , they look so beautiful with feather , so dramatic ..!!!!!!!


You can wear them with a sleek pencil skirt or a 3/4th jeans or with a dark dress.

Just  remember to pair them right !!!

If you just love Indian clothing then you can anytime wear them with your grand Sari or your Salwar, I bet it would be eye-catching…. 😉

Note : I do not own the pictures !!

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