DIY Radical Combination -Nail Art #2

Hey everyone !!! This is my second nail-art which I am publishing now πŸ˜€ *Cheers*

This time again it has yellow in it (what can I say ,I just can’t ever avoid yellow ) and apart from yellow I am using Glittery Purple and Bluish Gray Nail paint .It is all about playing with colors this time πŸ˜€


This one is pretty simple and take like 15 minutes for both the hand put together ❀ And also you can do it yourself for both your hands without help πŸ˜€ Thing is I hate putting Nail-Paint or doing a Nail -Art in one hand ,Most of us find it difficult to do it ourself in both our hands so here is a cheat method which looks good and is pretty easy !!!!!

The colors I am using here are :


Simple Steps :

1. Find a Sellotape (adhesive office tape) and cut them into thin strips ,this would give you defined border to fill two colors .

I am filling them with Purple -Glitter Nail-Paint first .



2.When you peel those tapes off ,you would get something like this…


3.You could always finish it off with a transparent Nail-Paint on the top of this to give your nails a fresh look but here I am gonna fill the other half with Yellow .Again you have to add a strip of tape so as to define the border.


4.When you again peel of the tape you would get the required look …!! πŸ™‚


5.The same is done with Greyish Blue color too.. πŸ˜€




Hope you girls try it out Β !!! Would love a feedback on this :)They are easy to do and looks chic πŸ˜€

( Sorry for the not-so-neat work ,it was pretty late when I was doing this so was really tired,Perfect one next time for sure *Pinkie swear* )

Β Do tell me your favorite Nail Color which you can not live without ? πŸ˜€Β 

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