India’s Fashion Emblem- Sari!

By : Ram Thilak


Well.. well..! There are two reasons as to why I’m blogging this.. First of all, what if I write about something which I’m not well accustomed to? And secondly, I owe a post to Anuradha, my friend, co-blogger and a fashionista. Fashion is her forte and I thought why not write on that topic and surprise her :D. So, here I’m going to write my view of fashion particularly focusing on India’s fashion emblem, Sari.

Sari I believe as the attire which you can sport to almost any occasion and if my knowledge is right, I guess it is the world’s only unstitched garment that still exists. There has been a lot of history associated with this wonderful costume and there a lot of variants of it. With sizes from two yards to nine yards, Sari is a one-size-fits-all outfit each artistically detailed, lavishly colored adding beauty to all beautiful woman. I want to focus more on the design and on the question which is commonly raised as to “How to choose a sari?” I’m no expert in this and these are just my observations.

Speaking of design, I would say choosing a sari based on your complexion and the face structure happens to be the key. There are close to 8 different type of face structures and each has it’s own beauty. For example: In case of a round-faced, chubby relatively fair complexioned girl with a broad tipped nose, a plain colored sari with minimalist design and a red border suits her the best. Similarly, every aspect of the woman matters while choosing a sari. I’ve just researched online and below of few designs which appeals well for the woman who wears it. Again, this are just my observations and for each person’s eye beauty varies :).

For round-faced, chubby and relatively fair complexioned woman, Vidya Balan is right pick!


Vidhya Balan

This is Vidhya Balan


For tall, dusky woman with an oval or an oblong face with an ideal nose, design is the key in the sari. Lots of shapes, artistic impressions, kaleidoscopic variations gives the sari a whole new appeal when it’s wore by woman of this category. However, the colors shouldn’t be dark as the inherent duskiness in these woman will miss out when darker shades are used. 

 Trisha Krishnan in VTV enthralled people with her sari for it’s designs which suited her aptly.



In case of tall, plumply, extremely fair skinned woman with a square face with a droppy tipped nose, a combination of dark color and mild design will suit them well. The dark color with showcase their fair complexioned skin beautifully while the design portrays their beautiful elegance. Mild colors such as dull blue or a white does not go well for these woman.

 Anushka Shetty is a woman of this type and she looks stunning in dark colored saris.

Anushka Reddy

Anushka Reddy

For short, mildly fair complexioned with a heart shaped face along with a small nose, these type of woman are most common in India. For woman of these type, any type of sari appeals well but here their accessories also plays a role. I find these woman beautiful when they wear the fashionable designs sporting a dark green, a cold purple or even black looks attractive on them. Extremely mild colors is a definite no as that would spoil their inherent beauty.

 Samantha looks to me as someone who would fit into this type. In chiffon saris, she looks stunning.



         I’ve not spoke about blouse types anywhere, as I feel it is extremely person-specific and categorizing it is not possible. The western attires for woman mostly depends on their physique unlike Sari which can be wore by anyone. But, I believe as with Saris, the physique may be a limiting factor but the person’s features are. If you can pick the sari that blends perfectly with your features, then it does look great on you. Then I’d say, “The sari does not make the woman beautiful instead the sari is beautified by the woman.” That is how sari selection should be done.


        As with accessories, I find most woman choose matching jewelry for their sari. But, accessories again will appeal with the features of the person, especially of the face. For round-faced woman, jhumka which is a popularly worn ear ring looks great on them. Nose studs are rarely worn but today’s woman but it does add a lot of flavor to your look if sported. It will also turn out to be an excellent style statement.Gold goes well with most saris but adding a few colored bangles with gold will escalate the total impression the sari makes on the onlookers. I’m not that good with accessories, still a learner :P. But, I did choose a lehanga for a friend of mine which made her very happy.



         Saris have been worn in different ways now and some feel that the traditional way of wearing it should not be changed. I would say, as long as a woman can carry whatever she wears gracefully there is no harm in experimenting. I can go on keep blogging about this but let me end this here. Before that, a picture of jhumka and this is my favorite picture of my friend Anuradha.


Hope I’ve not disappointed you with this post…!!



Ram Thilak..

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21 thoughts on “India’s Fashion Emblem- Sari!

  1. KarLa says:

    Hola! I would like someday wear a sari , I love the colours and the design, I like specially the green sari that Samantha is wearing !
    Thanks for this great post, keep going!


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