Maybelline Baby Lips Spice Up Range Review

Hello beautiful ,

A small break in my reviews because of two reasons , one because the product got late delivery due to address problem and two because I was on vacation . Presently I have lots and lots of pending products because I was relaxing home.

Back to business 😉

So did you hear that Maybelline India launched three yummy lip-balms ?? Yes , you heard it right , they are YUUUUMMMMMM !!!! They are flavored according to the way Indians would love (lets accept it we do love spices ;))

There are three new varients in the really popular Babylips :

  • Berry Sherbet
  • Tropical Punch
  • Spicy Cinnamon

I will be reviewing two of them here 🙂

Maybelline Spice Up Range

Berry Sherbet

I love this shade and it goes so well if you have warm skin tone

Maybelline Spice Up Range - Berry Sherbet

I love the packaging , it is as cute as the other Babylip range launched by them .

Maybelline Spice Up Range - Berry Sherbet

This is probably one of the rarest shades that suit me and I have used it almost for a week before reviewing it now .


1. Extremely hyderating , especilly if you have really dry lips .

2. They are super glossy at the same time looks mild .

3. So freaking pigmented , seriously !!! i just add two swipe of it and they look super dark ❤

4. Extremely affordable for everyday use .

5. Helps you find the right shade in lipsticks , since these babies are cheaper , you can buy all the three and try them out  .The color that suits you best , you can even get a lipstick of that shade 😉 (SMMMAARRTT)

6.It has SPF 20

7.Versatile in the sense that it serves as both a balm and a lip stain.

8.The smell is very pleasant 😍 seriously

Well I would advice you girls to try out the variant in the Maybelline Counter so that you can figure out what suits you.

Buy it for :
INR 175

Rating : 4.5/5

Spicy Cinnamon

Well this color is more of brown and the smell made my mouth water… Seriously it did !!!!

This is similar to that of Berry Sherbet and the stay is pretty long when compared to other Babylips 😍

The lip stain is lovely but it doesn’t suit me well.



Personally the smell of Spicy Cinnamon Is better than Berry Sherbet , the latter is mild and fruity but Spicy Cinnamon is just amazing .


It doesn’t suit warm skin tone . I tried it out on myself and my mom too tried it .
This shade might suit people who look good with brown based lipsticks .

So its better to buy it at store .

This again cost you around INR 175

Rating : 4/5

I am sharing the swatches and not the FOTD because I kinda have cold and since Mumbai is flooded with rain , I am blogging through my phone as my WIFI cable is damaged 😐


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