Basic Bra Problems and Its Solutions !!

Hello ladies ,

This post has been on my To-Do list for a really long time now because it is one of those really hush-hush problems we all women face and we are too embarrassed to ask about it to anyone .

So , I am going to talk about the really basic bra problems that we all have and to find solutions for them . Let me tell you something , most of the women are not wearing the right bra which would suit them . The problem with wearing wrong bras would be things like unflattering body , early sagging of breast and back problems .

I was browsing through this article on and you can say this post is inspired by them .

Basic Mistakes include:

  • Raising Back Band :



Something like this happens most of the time with ll of us . It happens because your burst is not getting enough support that it needs and hence its taking the support of the back band as well.

Solution :

Increasing your cup size would be the most easiest one . Try being choosy when you change your bra pattern .Once you know the pattern that fits you like a dream , you can get them online as well.

  • Popping Breast:



By popping , I mean popping everywhere !!! ROFL !!!

Issues like under-boobs or nip-slips are really embarrassing and something we call can avoid . There are two problems involved here : one would be the cup size being too small or the bra pattern that cant hold it up .

I had this issue sometime back and then I changed the pattern without changing the size , it worked for me .

Solution :

Like I said , try for a bigger cup size or try for a different pattern altogether .

For people like me who are on the bustier side but are petite , it might be little difficult to find the right fit .Try taking a friend along or try taking your mom with you when you try for a new pattern .

  • Jiggling Problems :

Have you had one of those bras which jiggles a lot when you walk fast or run ? Time to throw them away .

You might be wearing the right size but they are just not for you .

Solution :

Lingerie can be little expensive , try investing in few rather than pile your closet with too many inexpensive ones which doesn’t last long .This problem is mainly because of lack of quality .

  • Sagging breast:

None of us have prefect breast like it is shown by celebrities ( at least not the real ones ) . They will tend to look saggy and shapeless when you don’t wear the right kind.

This is because , you tend to wear the wrong pattern without enough support to make it look firm.Let me  tell you my case , I always wear bras with under-wire because they give me proper definition and lift that is need , also like I said, I belong to the bustier side with a petite frame otherwise so I need that support .

Solution :

Try figuring out the pattern that suits you the best . Try wearing bras which have under-wire or are padded (if you need them ) to get that lifted look.

  • Visible Nipples Problem:

Nursing Pads

Probably the most critical of all . When you have the right size and type , you try them out but them you wear them throughout the day when it suddenly shows up . Not your fault , each material sticks to the body in a certain way which sometimes ends up being like this .

Solution :

Wanna know the cheapest of all ? Buy those nursing pads and fit them in next time you feel it makes your nipples visible .

  • Strap Marks :


If this happens on your shoulder , back or under the breast (in case you wear under-wire) then it just means you are wearing it too tight .

Solution :

Try to loosen it a bit , just because you wear it too tight it wont give you an illusion of looking slimmer or anything . In fact , if you wear it too tight it looks back and can create backache problems.

  • Falling Straps :



Most common of all , has nothing to do with your size or anything instead you have just not adjusted the straps properly.

Solution :

Try adjusting the straps so that they don’t fall out and also try to replace old bras when the time comes .

Remember few more things to keep the basic bra problems away :

  1. Have few pairs of bra but make sure they are of good quality .
  2. Discharge your bra the moment you see them loose even a bit of shape.
  3. Always hand-wash them , never put them in a washing machine.
  4. Use mild detergents instead of harsh once , they will keep the texture intact.
  5. But only the patterns you feel comfortable wearing .

I found this topic extremely important to be discussed . I was having a writer’s block recently and since this topic was suggested to me by , I could actually overcome it .Thanks guy :)You can visit their website and could try few pairs . 🙂

NO this is not a sponsored post , in fact this is one of those rare post I took out of my own interest 🙂

Also I have this fellow blogger who had published an article on this as well:) you can view it here .

BTW , did you girls face any such issues ? What did you do about it ? Let me know in the comments below .

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2 thoughts on “Basic Bra Problems and Its Solutions !!

  1. You know I used to have a lot of problems with my bra. Especially since I was gaining weight like anything and suddenly i lost a lot of weight. I was able to alter my dresses. But what am I supposed to do with those over sized inner wear? I didn’t know what type to buy or where to buy. I hated these shops that were specifically for lingerie. So I just walked in to a lifestyle and asked a lady there to help me choose a bra. She helped me with the fitting and style and now I am happy as ever.


    • I personally love triumphs outlet and marks and spencers . They are on expensive side but the sale people are really helpful 💗💗💗 I don’t use anything except triumph and jockey now . try their stand alone shop 🌿 I go to the one in EA ,Chennai a lot , maybe you can try there too 😎


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