Review , Swatch and FOTD : Plum NaturStudio Black Brilliance Kohl/Kajal

Hey everyone ,

You all must be thinking on how my craze for makeup is never ending , seriously save me !!!!!! This time its my favorite category , vegan beauty products . Though I am not a vegan but just a vegitarian , I love vegan products for the fact that they are cruelty free.

PLUM NaturStudio Kohl

Plum kohl has become my daily wear since a very long time , I use the Angel Eye Kohl by them , I have reviewed them as well.

This product basically  claims that is it smudge-free and last really long . Initially when Angel Eyes Kohl was launched by them , my only complain was that it smudges and I am super glad that they look the feedback pretty seriously.

The exact shade that they call this one is “Black Brilliance” and I could’t have asked for a better name. I love the black and yes I tried smudging them too ( I have trust issue folks!!! ) , the product does server what it claims.

Before and after smudge is here :

I cant even find a difference to be really honest 🙂

If you are reading my blog regularly then you would know my obsession for eye makeup and lipsticks , I end up trying even really silly products but this one I don’t regret trying.

Before I forget , I have to tell you that this one comes with an extremely cute sharpener ( I already have this one 😛 ) and I love the color as well as the quality .

PLUM NaturStudio Kohl


1 .The product is not misleading , it serves what it claims

2 .Intense black with a satin finish and not a mat finish , not complaining and instead a huge thumbs up from my side.

3 . Doesn’t smudge even when you rub it

4 .Does stay for approximately 14 hours for at-least me.

5 . Pigmentation is as good as luxury products

6 . Its Vegan , that would be a motivation for me to buy.

7.The tip is pretty soft so your eyes won’t water.

PLUM NaturStudio Kohl


1.I want more colors in this range which there is not.

2.Might be little over you budget , maybe by 100 bucks compared to other drugstore products.

FOTD : I have used it bare face with only the kohl as well as with Mac Ruby-Woo. Few photos I have used filters for a retro feel but its pretty obvious 🙂


PLUM NaturStudio Kohl


Price : Kohl/Kjala for INR 425/-

Sharpener for INR 125/-

Rating : 4.5/5

Will I recommend it ?

Is there a reason not to recommend it ? I loved this product and might re-buy this one.I am definetly recommending this one to my family and friends.

Anyone used this one ? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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PLUM NaturStudio Kohl


Note :

This is a sponsored post . However , the views and opinions expressed here are my own . The reviews are done honestly and has no influence from the sponsors.

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