Review ,Swatches and FOTD : MAC Ruby Woo

Hey lovely ladies ,

I have this new found fascination for lipsticks these days . This had been on my wish list for a very long time but I didn’t want to invest on them till I absolutely learnt the art of using lipsticks .

I got it on a Monday , you get it don’t you ? My whole day was made .*NO MONDAY BLUES*

This has been a best seller for quite a long time now , I am pretty late reviewing this one but here it goes .

I got MAC Ruby Woo Shade and I thought why not review it 😛 I have done swatches , FOTD and lot of photos were taken for this review 😛 (Not Complaining ) !!!!


Like the name suggest , the color has a deep pink undertone just like a natural ruby would look like.I love that it suits my skin tone ( I have strong yellow undertone) , initially I would suggest you girls to try it out in a showroom and then purchase it  as I felt it suits warm skin-tone far better than cooler ones.

The ingredients used has an amazing wax that just slides down your lips and give you the MATTE look . Personally , retro shades have always looked good on me so I am not a gloss kinda person any day .

Going back to the review , a huge love for the packaging . The MAC Lip shades always have a standard packaging , the shiny black body which is extremely compact and the lid is really tight. So , it is pretty easy to carry in your purse or your bag.

MAC Ruby Woo


1.The pigmentation is AMAZING.

2.The staying power is equally good , with lip liner it stays for like 12 plus hours and without lipliner it stays for 10 hours.

3.I love the stain it leaves when it fades .

4.Like all MAC Lipsticks , this one too has a mild vanilla fragnance (love that!!! )

5.The color is amazing on Medium/Olive skin tone , for fairer skin tone I would recommend MAC Dangerous instead.

MAC Ruby Woo


1.If you have a dry lips , this is not for you . Most people I met find this lipstick really drying though I don’t face that problem.

2.Doesn’t work for extremely cool skintone, would recommend you to try it out before buying .

3.We don’t get it cheap in India . It sells at $17 in US (correct me if I am wrong about the price) but in india its almost INR 1450/-

Ingredients used :

FOTD and Swatch :

Price : INR 1450/-

Rating : 4.5/5

Will I recommend it ?

Yes , definitely one of the best lipsticks around . I waited too long for this one and now I feel that I should have tried this one out long time back .

MAC Ruby Woo

Do you own this one ??? Let me know which is your favorite lip shade in MATTE range so that I can try them too 😛

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