Getting Pampered by

Hola ladies ,

How have you all been ?  I have few stuff sorted out which I am glad fell in place 😉

I am back to blogging with full swing 😀 YAY!!!!! Today we are gonna see how website is.  This website provides lifestyle and beauty products for both men and women in amazing discounts ❤

Last time I shopped from them , my experience was not that good honestly . After placing order I found out that the product has gone out of stock 😦 So I had to reorder from another website.

They did makeup to me this time.I got this  two weeks back and since I was sorting my personal issues and was busy falling sick this one was in my draft for a long time 😦

I basically got three amazing stuff ❤

1.DOY -Three Variant of Soaps

2. L’Oreal White Perfect  All-Round  Whitening Day Cream

3.Fran Wilson Mood Matcher

DOY -Three Variant of Soaps


I tried using them , the smell is AAAMMAAAZINNNGGGG ❤ Its  a gel-based soap so wouldn’t be something I would recommend a dry-skin friend.

Its a value for money if you are out buying a good soap and you are bored with PEARS then why not  ?

I find the colors adorable ❤

Would I be restocking them when they get over ?

Definitely ❤ you should if you are looking for something good 😀

Cost : INR 58 /- Per Soap

Rating :3.5/5

If you are in India , you could buy it here :

Doy Care –

L’Oreal White Perfect  All-Round  Whitening Day Cream 

This had been on my list for a very long time but I didn’t get it because I didn’t figure out how effective it is . I did use this one for almost a week and I love the feel . I know we all expect results in a day or a week but it doesn’t work that way .

I am seeing visibly softer skin since a wee ❤

Pros :

  1. Its very hydrating and the smell is not too strong
  2. The intensity is pretty good , its not too runny or too heavy on the skin. This is my priority when it comes to creams .
  3. I think it makes me skin even toned or is trying to , I can’t tell you exactly till I used it a bit longer .

Cons :

  1. Seems expensive for a day cream.
  2. Not a good option for people who have oily-skin.

Would I recommend it ?

Sure , if you are one of those who are ok spending few bucks extra for a good day cream then why not 🙂 Do try it but I warn you , the result won’t come in just a day 😀

Cost :INR 1110/-

Rating : 4/5

You can get it here :

L’Oreal Paris –

Fran Wilson Mood Matcher 

This is something I have never used before and its always awesome to try new product . I had no expectations attached to this but few things just surprise me ;)The body looked Yellow so I was partly disappointed initially as I thought its gonna be either yellow in color or colorless 😦

But the moment I applied it , it turned PINK on my lips ❤ How lovely ? ❤


  1. Pretty smooth on my lips .
  2. I love the shade , its a very pretty pink ❤
  3. Goes on with your mood , I am pretty girly , loved this shade of pink .
  4. Doesn’t have any smell as such , not much and I am glad it is this way.
  5. Its affordable


1.The reach and knowledge of the product is low.

2. The color fades after a meal  , biggest turn off for me

Would I recommend this ?

Yes , if you have a thing for lip products , you could add this one to your collection . Not the best but yeah you could add it 🙂

This is how it looked on me ❤  FOTD

One I have used here is MM-Yel

Cost : INR 560/-

Rating : 4.5/5

You could get it here :

Fran Wilson –

Ital Veloce –

Have you guys shopped at ?? How was it , let me know in the comments below 🙂

And You know where to find me 😀


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