Day #4 : Kochi Harbour and OOTD :D

Ok I know I am taking lot of time to finish this series :( was so so busy with my projects and all that I didn’t get time to post this .. Coming back to this one ,the real twist in this post is that I didn’t take any photos of the place I went  :P  ,instead I was busy posing and taking my photos :P *Awkward*

So you can call it a OOTD post :D !!!

I will talk about my outfit as soon as finish of about the place I went to. So there is a one hour or so boating across the back water in Kochi Harbour ,yes maybe the most commercially important place for shipping and all but I didn’t enjoy it ..!!! :(  Definitely not the best boating I have been to .. !!! Well few of us read about it earlier and we were never keen to go on this but as you know there are always people who don’t get it :P and ultimately we were forced to enjoy … So nope not gonna write about it :P

I am gonna focus more on my outfit :D


What was I wearing ???

A pretty red droopy shoulder T-shirt and a fitting legging :D and paired it with cute blue shoe :D


I was so lucky that I had a matching bracelet for this dress :D

I am definitely not a person who would opt for baggy T-shirts as you know it tends to make you look kinda fat !!! :( Well that is what I thought when I bought this :P but it turns out to be a great choice :D !!!!! I mean it was classy and at the same time looked chic :D



So yep when it comes to my outfit loved it that day :D and ended up being complemented by few of my friends *blush* but little did I know that the real fun would start when we reach Veegaland :D

Yes !!! you are never too old to go to an amusement park :P So nope I didn’t stop anywhere taking photos instead I utilised that time to enjoy most of the major rides :P

Overall not a bad day but I was pretty happy that day as it was one of those few moments when you tend to feel you look just perfect :D

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Tip :

  • If you have trouble deciding a right outfit to wear , always go with Black and Red.Personally ,I love both the colors and they are suitable for most occasions . :)
  • Combing any long T-shirts or T-shirt Dresses with a legging or maybe a netted legging adds personality to the dress.
  •  Have one defining accessories that could be your Earrings or Necklaces or bracelets /Chimes .Overdoing this would make you look out of place .
  • Everything need not always be matching , one of the basic rules when you dress up .:) sometimes bringing up an unrelatable element in your dressing would get you more attention :D

Day #3 : Athirappilly Waterfalls and Lulu Mall – Kochi <3

This was the day we were all looking forward too :D This fall looks beautiful in movies and we all wanted to see it badly :D This waterfalls is in Trissur District and is one of the major tourist attraction in Kerala :) .As usual I got up really early and got all dressed up :D and we headed straight to Athirapilly Falls :) It was sultry and hot but that didn’t stop us from enjoying :D

Most of my friends jumped inside the backwater but I was enjoying the water around and clicking snaps :D Here are few of them hope you all like it :D



The place was really crowed but yep I would rather click loads of photos than take a dip in it :D Well I forgot to mention that this fall is called as Nigara of India :) and truly a beautiful thing to see :)


Since it was hot there and the water was not as fast as it generally is :) If you are like me who would rather go sit there and enjoy the beauty ,this is not the month to go :) You should go around september or october to see the Falls in its true form :)


Nevertheless any form of nature is always beautiful :D

:D me me me

:D me me me

It is evident that I never miss a chance of taking photos :D :D I know my hair got really messy I am kinda embarrassed of this photo :P but can’t help it I had to show it :D

The puppy look :D

The puppy look :D

hehe Our guide who was always ready to pose for us :D

hehe Our guide who was always ready to pose for us :D

_MG_2118 _MG_2139 _MG_2188 _MG_2217

We left the Falls by 3 or 3:30 pm and we headed to have our lunch :) By the time we reached and finished our food it was 5 pm so going to Kochi Harbour was impossible hence we all headed to Lulu Mall in Kochi .It is the 2nd largest Mall in India after Phoenix Market City in Mumbai,Maharashtra. :) Honestly the first place I wanted to go as soon as I reached the Mall was Food court but we instead opted to look around a bit and the gorge on food :D

There was this art exhibition going on and I absolutely fell in love with it :D

I love art and I do it kinda good enough but when I saw these painting I was mesmerised <3 Here are few of them :) Hope you guys would like it too <3

_MG_2248 _MG_2249 _MG_2250 _MG_2251 _MG_2252 _MG_2261

This is not a part of the painting ;) This is me :P No wonder why people call me modest ;) :P


I din’t write much this time!!!!! “Picture speaks thousand words “:) don’t they ??? :D

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Day #2 : Edakkal Caves here I come !!!!

Yay !!! I was looking forward to share this one :D And thanks a lot people who read Day #1 of the travel :D I got really good feedback from few of my friends ,Thank you !!! And if this is the first travel post you are reading and you didn’t read the one I posted on March 1st , there is time still  ,you can always scroll down and read it  :P

Coming back to this one , I must tell you this place was not planned . Initial plan was to go to Pulicat Lake  then few of my friends had the plan changed as the lake was not the best in this time of the year and more over we googled about this place and it looked interesting .

We all had to leave atleast by 7 so I ended getting up by 5 :30 because me and Megha were the first to sleep , we had to be the first to get up and get ready . Both of us were ready by 6 :15 am and when we suddenly realised one of my friend ( Jayashri) was still sleeping like a baby .I tried waking her up with pleasant “Good Morning Girl” but it never works , so I annoyed her to the best of my abilities and she got up by 6:30 .Finally !!!!!! Poor thing tried rushing up but you know it is always not possible for a girl to rush up and dress up :(

We left her the room asked her to check everything ,lock it up and then return the keys as we were planning to wait in the lobby .After everything was over we boarded the bus . Those who have been reading me will know that my day always starts with a cup of coffee , I dint get it there :(  I would have prefered having them in my room and then leaving for breakfast but it was other way round ,we left as such to the restaurant. Also I don’t like having any tinned food or biscuits or anything too oily or too spicy as my first meal so I was waiting and peeping out of the bus hoping I would see a eat out . The bus stopped and I was stunned at how beautiful the place was .Yes ,I was still whining about my coffee but at the same time I was enjoying the scene .There was a small local eat out which was surrounded by mountains and a clean road running just before it . I rushed and asked for a coffee and they asked me to wait . :(

What will I do when I am waiting , obviously click photos :D


And hence I had to pose on the highway !!! Nope does not have anything to do with the movie Highway :P


I look so sleepy in this :( :P

Micro Trend Alert : 

Apparently there is a micro trend happening about celebrities where they match there clothing with matching make-up . Most people who read my blog would know that I prefer nude colours on my lips and I totally avoid eyeshadows but this time I have given a try to these red lipsticks from Coloressence :D  They give a peachy – orange color during single coat and dark red when applied twice . Nice right ??? :D


And finally by the time I finished clicking photos they had my coffee and breakfast was ready :D Ok even this time I did not get Puttu :P and yes I am gonna whine about it till someone gets me one !!!!  :(

After we were done with it , we climbed up and reached the toll booth where we would get our entry ticket . One thing I liked about these places were the way Kerala Tourism Department has maintained the place , seldom they are appreciated or recognised for their work . I used to stay in Agra and as I remember the tourist destinations were not at all maintained , even the iconic Taj Mahal !!!!

They asked us not to take any plastic covers, bags , bottles etc :) Pretty impressed <3 I am a freak who stops and scolds  people who litter on the road !! *Annoying* !!!! For me such rules made my day :D !!!

Back to the whole walking thing , we kept walking and walking !! Yes, we stop here and there for few photos and selfies :P and yes we had so much fun !!! The place was pretty steep and do visit it only if you are physically fit :)

:D this was a spontaneous one !! so not ready for the click !!

:D this was a spontaneous one !! so not ready for the click !!

We were walking for a very long time and had to climb over rocks where we finally reached a natural spring!!! :D The water was so fresh and so clear that I did not feel like moving away from that place :D

We climbed further up till we reached the entrance of the cave :D Honestly ,the view was amazing <3 it was worth all the walking and climbing we did :D

Beautiful view isn't it ??? :D

Beautiful view isn’t it ??? :D

:D love this

:D love this

The name “Edakkal ” comes as the cave has been formed between two rocks :) Nature is truly beautiful :)

Do see the video that I took when the guide was explaining about the calligraphy and drawing found inside the cave :) I hope it would be helpful for you :D Also do ignore my and my friend’s voice now and then :P

We had to return back :(

When we were going back we stopped in few shops to get some Tea and we bought some really good homemade chocolates too !!! Yeppie !!!!!

On the way back we met two lovely people :D The lady Petricia ( that is what I think she told me *fingers crossed*) and her friend ( forgot his name :(  ) were really sweet !! I love the head-dress she was wearing and the overall graceful presence she had :D

My friends and them , we had a short conversation , just chit-chat and we left :D

Adorable :D

Adorable :D

Love this :D

Love this :D

Finally after all the chaos I managed to look fresh and happy at the end of the day :D !! Well that  is what I thought , we immediately left in a intercity express to Kozhikode Station !! “Bad experience” is what I can define that journey as :(  No negative thoughts on this blog so I am just gonna leave that part of the travel :)

Such a radiant face :D

Such a radiant face :D

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Sometimes you just turn back and see before you leave :) I always do that no matter where I go

Sometimes you just turn back and see before you leave :) I always do that no matter where I go

Love you all !! Thank you for reading :D !! keep blogging and keep sharing :D

Day #1: Travel and Kuruva Island


Sorry I took really long time to publish this .. :( I had so many photos and was so confused what to put ,finally here it is now :D

I am combining two days of travel in one i.e the day I started from Chennai to Kozhikode Station and the day I visited Kuruva Island :) here it is now :)

I left Chennai on 20th evening and asked my friends to join me in Central Station .We boarded a Mangalore Superfast Express at 5 pm and though it was a 2nd class but I had so many friends that I didn’t get a chance to complain :D

My destination came by 4 in the morning but I slept around 12 :P !! Honestly I dint get any sleep at all as most of my friends wer singing and dancing around . Also I met two lovely twins and their little brother . Hasini , Hasika and Tejas got me going all night long :D They were barely 3 years old but were so active and friendly , parting away from them in the morning was so painful :( I so love kids :D


After getting down in Kozhikode Station by 4 am , we were asked to travel for about 3 hours in a travel bus to the Hotel we stayed :) I was looking so bad in the morning :P I really don’t understand how the advertisements show girls looking all dressed up even when they are getting just outta bed :(

I slept for the entire 3 hours journey and hence I really don’t know how the world was looking at that time :P We reached and fortunately got a room with people I am comfortable with :) We shared the room and I must say the room was good :) Not the best but was good :)

We again left by 10 am to have our breakfast , unfortunately I didn’t get Puttu :( Well I never have had Puttu so I wanted to try it out there :( Finally I opted for Puri  !!!! We had few hours of travel and finally we reached Kuruva Island :D Fortunately my friends advised me to use as much Sun Screen lotion as I can because apparently it will be sunny . Yes!! It was so sunny :( even after apply so much of lotion I got tan-lines :( Poor thing me :( But the place was really good !! :D I guess we went in the wrong time of the year , damn was hot and sultry :(

Oops I forgot to tell you .. we utilized the travel time so well :D We danced all the way for popular Bollywood songs like Sheila Ki Jawani , Chikni Chameli , Jalebi Bai  and dozens of such songs :P If you have not heard them, do hear them!!!


But the water was so clear and fresh that you would forget yourself in them :D And there were tiny fishes trying to bite my feet :P


I told you :( Tanned all over !!!! ok no more complains about my tan :D Lets focus on the place :P



I guess I forgot to mention that I kinda slipped and fell into the water :P lost my Sunglasses in those waters !!!



Those Red Nail -Paints look so good :D

What should you wear if you go in this time of the year ??? 

I would surely recommend cotton clothings ,specially something which you can use roughly .Take at least one good pair of sports shoes as sneakers won’t be appropriate thing to wear there :) Carry lots of Sun Block Lotions and your most suitable Sunglasses :) One thing that I would confess is that this stay would have been completely spoiled if I was carrying the wrong clothes .. !! Why I am specifying this ? That is because when I was packing I didn’t know what to take and tried googling it , Guess what ,I dint even find one article which could guide me on what to wear there !!

Also carrying moisturizer would be helpful :)

Same thing would apply to the guys as well :) wear something that would allow your body to breathe :)


So if you are planning to visit Kerala :) Don’t miss this :)

Finally we got to the room by 6 and I finally decided to eat ( in all that fun I forgot that I didn’t have my lunch ) :P There were people who went to visit the local places but I instead chose to be in my room relaxing and watching Padayappa movie which was being telecasted at that time :) and I slept real soon :)

Your feedbacks are always important , do share it with me :)

First Travel Post !!!!

Yaay !!!! My first blog post on travel :D I spent a week in Kerala visiting mainly Wayanad and Kochi :) so din’t even have time to update my blog !!! sorry for the delay :)

It was a college organised tour and I must say I was pretty impressed by the  way they organised it ( except the travelling in 2nd class train :P , made me sick ) .Keep following :) there is so much to share about the places I went , food and the things I wore :D

Also this was the first time I visited kerala :D the culture there is so beautiful that I always wanted to visit it for a very long time :) I have not visited many places  in South India so this was a great experience :) Will I go again …??? Yes :D But I would like to spend at least a month there <3 , one week was so not enough :(

So this whole week I will be sharing my experience :D Also those who have already been there do share all the details me :) would love to know more about that place :)


DIY Radical Combination -Nail Art #2

Hey everyone !!! This is my second nail-art which I am publishing now :D *Cheers*

This time again it has yellow in it (what can I say ,I just can’t ever avoid yellow ) and apart from yellow I am using Glittery Purple and Bluish Gray Nail paint .It is all about playing with colors this time :D


This one is pretty simple and take like 15 minutes for both the hand put together <3 And also you can do it yourself for both your hands without help :D Thing is I hate putting Nail-Paint or doing a Nail -Art in one hand ,Most of us find it difficult to do it ourself in both our hands so here is a cheat method which looks good and is pretty easy !!!!!

The colors I am using here are :


Simple Steps :

1. Find a Sellotape (adhesive office tape) and cut them into thin strips ,this would give you defined border to fill two colors .

I am filling them with Purple -Glitter Nail-Paint first .



2.When you peel those tapes off ,you would get something like this…


3.You could always finish it off with a transparent Nail-Paint on the top of this to give your nails a fresh look but here I am gonna fill the other half with Yellow .Again you have to add a strip of tape so as to define the border.


4.When you again peel of the tape you would get the required look …!! :)


5.The same is done with Greyish Blue color too.. :D




Hope you girls try it out  !!! Would love a feedback on this :)They are easy to do and looks chic :D

( Sorry for the not-so-neat work ,it was pretty late when I was doing this so was really tired,Perfect one next time for sure *Pinkie swear* )

 Do tell me your favorite Nail Color which you can not live without ? :D 


I look and feel extremely stressed out when I have my exams going on or I spend lot of time watching movie. One of the most horrible result of doing so is Dark-Circles, Puffiness, Eye infection .I started getting them often ,so I kind of tried this new product made of only natural herbs and almonds. I have this new obsession with herbal or ayurvedic product as I recently read in an article that products especially lip-product, anti-aging and fairness products use hard metal in them even by established companies like Lo’real ,Ponds ,Colorbar etc. So, finally I decided that I should try to use more natural products. Coming back to this one, I am really glad I found this .

This eye cream is effective especially if you are one of those who tends to have dark circles or dry lines around eye contour. This is made by Biotique,it is an Indian brand which produces all of its products naturally. 


How to use?

It is pretty easy to apply ,just patting it around eye area morning and evening would do the magic.I generally put it for two hours and then wash my face .



Surajmukhi tail (Helianthus annuus), Badam tail (Prunes amygdalus), Bihidana (Pyres cydonia), Jaiphal (Myristica fragrans), Sikta tail Q.S.

Yes exactly what I said before,all are natural herbs and nuts used .

How does it look and how does it feel ?

It is creamy and white colored cream which spreads smoothly and gives a shine to the skin after application.



  • Creamy
  • Natural and Healthy
  • Suits all skin type
  • Effective when used regularly
  • No side-effect

Dislikes :

  • If you have a oily skin ,makes the applied region look more oily.
  • Don’t apply when the climate is humid ,the cream feels damp and ends up making the face look dull.

Quantity :

They are available in 16 gms and 175 gms,I bought the 16 gms one !!

Cost :

INR 199 for 16 gms 

INR 1320 for 175 gms

Ratings : 4/5

Except for the oiliness I don’t think I can even have any problem with this one .


Me after using it (trust me no concealer or anything of that sort ):

Not trying to embarrass myself with no make-up pic , just extremely satisfied with the product!!!! :D

The darkness around my eyes is the shadow and not dark-circles,I have deep -seated eyes you see .. :D