Discussion on Women Empowerment and Respect !!

Hey lovely people who just came to read this ,
I am really sorry that there is so much delay in this post , I drafted this long time back but since I had to kinda move out of my house I was busy planning my stay 🙂

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If you have come to read this , you deserve a big applause because you are willing to discuss a social issue that is not only present in India but across globe. If you are following me on Twitter you would know that I generally share lots and lots of content relating to social causes and also fashion of course . I thought about doing the same in this blog as I do have lots of female and male followers here which would make the discussion interesting as, all would have different views and opinions.

Also I feel so overwhelmed when few of the bloggers and friends I have, took time to discuss this issue with me .

So I saw this note on Facebook and it let to this whole article writing . When I discussed and ask about opinions of fw bloggers and friends , I got to learn so much.

To begin with the topic , you need to understand clearly what we are trying to talk here . I am a feminist and feminism according to me is not being superior to men it is just about being treated equal to them. Though I have been brought up in a household where I am treated as equal to my brother but the sad note is that throughout the world that is not the case. There are “woman job” which men are asked not to do as they are told it doesn’t look manly . There are women who are asked to get all covered up ( Sari , I mean that)after marriage in India as far as I know, as they are married now and need not look attractive . Well personally I do love wearing Sari but forcing someone to live on dress code just boils me up. Also women are harassed across globe and the blame goes to their ” dressing ” , wow !!!
Why do we share these issues online ? why blog on this ? how is this gonna change the society ?
Honestly I always felt bring change in real world helps more than talking about it online but I was wrong . Online platform provide you opportunity to express yourself , to talk and inspire people around you . I always believe charity begins at home and so does everything good.

Coming to the bloggers and friends discussion , here are few of them , I asked them aout how to bring change in the society in relation to women safety and empowerment:

Ajay Dhotre whose is an amazing friend says
“Women are the ones who gave birth to all of us and cared like no one does she may be in any relation like mother,sister,..etc And Also in India we all worship as god. But nowadays all has changed and many women are facing many problems First of all.. the government must give the equal rights to women and this can be achieved by giving compulsory education to girls in remote places. Those who can’t afford money Fees compensation must be given without too many process and next big problem is rape.. to avoid this all type of sexual abuse in movies should banned all and also implied strong laws must followed .. Because the few men, all the men are generalised..another main thing is that these days very less women’s are following the Indian culture and some of them are not aware of that, I am not talking about clothing here I am talking about the whole lifestyle where being rebel has become fashionable .”

Ram thilak whose is again my one of my nicest friend and a blogger who blogs at Ram Thilak CEO says
“Woman safety.. Well, I think the its best to start soon. Woman should not be seen as opposite sex, just the other sex. If that is understood, all problems are resolved. And apart from that, its better to start soon like from schools, boys and girls should grow together. If they are taught under the same roof in the same classroom, they don’t see woman as some object of pleasure or like an hungry animal waiting for its food.(not all men but some are) and father should talk to boys and teach them how they should carry themselves just like mothers do to their daughters. If these are done, we can definitely see some change in,our country”

Abhilash MJ who is my bestie shared his thoughts and says
“Change of mindset is required plus vigilance is needed . when done for a longer time people will learn to respect. Also Indian men need strict punishment s for rapes and harassment to be stopped completely. But the major reason being the culture in which you grow . The bottom line is that sex is overrated in India.”

Gayathri Kannan who is a fellow blogger blogging at Scriven Thoughts Of My Mind  says
“In the movie sex and the city, Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant Louise tells a man who stares at her boobs, “You’ve got nothing in there for you!” I want to say that to so many men in a day. It is not the cloth we wear, it is not the way we behave, and they don’t need us to provoke them. Few men are just always horny! I don’t believe that another law or screaming all day about feminism will make men respect women or stop them from raping us. It should start from your home. It should start from respecting your sister, her dreams and ambitions. It should start by telling the boy that he is not more special than his sister and he should do the households too. There is no girl task! Men should stop taking dowry even if his parents want to. They should find the spine to stand up for the woman who is ready to leave her family behind to start a life with him. Women should not be seen as a reproducing machine. Marriage should not be forced on her only because she can have a baby! She should be allowed to live her life the way she wants to just like a man. Safety is only when Men and other women start respecting a woman! Woman empowerment and safety to me is everything I think “If I was a man, I would be a nomad travelling every nook and corner of this world” I should think, “Why not now?” Take my bags and leave my house without fear!”

Shivaranjini Balasubramanian who is also a fellow blogger shared few good videos with me :



Sarmistha Goswami who ended up being my favorite fashion blogger and blogs at  Little Book of Fashion says :

“In India women face harassment because of the cultural influence where many still belive that women are supposed to stick to their homemaking duties while men should be the providers. The new found freedom and confidence in a woman’s part might be threatening to a certain section of the scoiety. Secondly, the biological weakness of a woman makes her vulnerable to harassment from the opposite gender most often.
Women should no way give up on their lifestyle and carrer due to the fear of getting harassed but I strongly recommend any woman to give first priority to her safety. Avoid late night travels alone and if you must, do take busy well lit streets instaed of dark and lonely ones. A pepper spray is a must-have in a woman’s purse in today’s world! Also while travelling by public transportation maintain a certain modesty in your attire so that you blend in instead of standing out.”

I found this amazing video which is you will really enjoy , they are truely inspirational and powerful 🙂

Back to the whole topic 🙂

Men at home should be taught to respect women and not to see her as an object . Also,women should know what to dowhen and not behave like a rebel just in the name of ” feminism”- This is my step towards a change

I would love to continue the discussion , tag me as @anuradha_mohan on twitter and use #forachange to tell me about how you think a change will come 🙂

And special thanks to all who helped me write this 🙂 and also to all the readers 🙂
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