5 Wardrobe Essentials with Stylori.com

Hey girls ,

This has been one of those that I have been asked to do for quite sometime now and I always kept delaying because I didn’t know where to start .

I am gonna tell you just 5 basic things you need in your wardrobe to look chic all day and everyday .Let me tell you these are pretty budget friendly and reusable 😛

Those 5 Wardrobe essentials are :

1.The Classic Black Handbag :


Thought I got this image from google , but this simple bag would save you in lot of situations where you are confused about what to choose.

Invest on a good bag , try maintaining it and that’s all you need.

P.S : This bag is from Gucci though and I have been crushing on them for sometime now .. Just saying if you are planning to gift me something this Christmas 😉

2.Basic White Shirt :

How can anyone miss this 😉 This is a savior for those lazy days when you have nothing to wear . A plain cotton shirt is the most versatile piece of garment in comparison to everything else that exist 😛

You can pair them with skirts or with jeans , you can wear them like a overcoat over your tank-top or you could use as a formal wear too 😀


Got this image from Aleixpress.com  , you can check it out if you like.

3. The Right Accessories :

In India , we wear both Indian and western clothes and its very important to know what jewelry to wear with what . Hence , its its equally important to have few pieces for each attire .

We have this really cute website called as Stylori.com which has a stock of varieties to suit your needs. Also , remember to invest in a good metal while buying and Stylori.com sells precious metals as well as diamonds . Buy just few pieces and style it with different clothing 😀


4.Few Good Shoes :

Its essential you have at least 3 pairs of shoes , depending on your climatic condition and your lifestyle. I love shoes and I personally have more than 20 pairs of them but you need not have all of them if you don’t need them.

Also , its very important to wear right shoes with the right clothes .Try going to pin interest or follow beauty bloggers to get some inspiration .You would notice that all of them have at least one pair in Black , tan and red ; that’s how easy it is to buy shoes 😀

P.S: If you need to decide what shoes to buy or want a idea on it then don’t forget to follow me in Instagram or just DM me if you every need a help picking one.

Sebastian Errazuriz the boss high heel

This image I have saved a long time back so I do’t really remember the source 🙂 I loved it and it brightens my day when I am sad 😛

5.Right Makeup :

Investing on good set of makeup is something you would be grateful for . I am definitely not asking you to doll up everyday but if you like makeup then again that’s completely up to you.

But the very basic thing you should have would be :

  • Liner (Black)
  • Kohl (Black)
  • Mascara (Black)
  • Red Lipstick
  • Sunscreen

I have done reviews for few of them 🙂 here they are , hope it helps :

Plum Cosmetics : NaturStudio Black Brilliance and Angel Eye Black Kohl

Mac Cosmetics : Ruby Woo Review

Maybelline New York : Rebel Bouquet Lipstick REB01 , Colossal Liner (Black), Hyper Curl Volume Mascara

Lotus Herbal: Sunscreen SPF 40 and 50

What is your personal style tip , write to me or ping me or comment below 😀

You know where to find me :


Note : This is not a Sponsored post.This post is an entry for the contest conducted by Stylori.com in association with Chennai Bloggers Club.


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